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    Anhui Polytechnic University, located in Wuhu---- a state-level open city, is a provincial multi-disciplinary poly-technical institution of higher learning and one of the  universities in Anhui Province listed for priority development.
    AHPU’ history can be traced back to the year of 1935 when Anhui NeiSi Senior Private Engineering School was established by the Spanish Catholic Church of Jesus. After the founding of the PRC, it was accorded a new name as Wuhu Motor Manufacturing School, directly under the First Ministry of Machine Building Industry. In 1972, the name was changed into Wuhu Mechanical Engineering School, which began to enroll undergraduates with 4-year programmes attached to Hefei University of Technology in 1977.  Approved by the State Council in December, 1978, the school was upgraded to a college of higher learning with 4-year programmes, its name being again changed into Anhui Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. In December, 2001, it was renamed Anhui University of Technology and Science (AHPU). In 2007, it was evaluated as “Excellent” in the Undergraduate Education by Ministry of Education.
    At present, AHPU covers an area of 93.8 hectares and a floor space of about 460,000 square meters. The total value of teaching instruments and equipment amounts to 114,000,000 Yuan and the school library has a collection of over 1,300,000 volumes. AHPU’ staff totals 1200, of which 820 are full-time teachers and 418 are professors, associate professors and senior technicians. And 76.6% of the teachers have master or doctor degrees. Also a number of distinguished scholars both from home and abroad including academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering have been invited to work as guest professors. In recent years, more than 50 teachers have been awarded the following honors at provincial level: Distinguished Teachers, New- century Leading Professors, Top Talented Professors, Young and Middle-aged Leading Professors in their respective fields. This has helped to build up a professional team with rich teaching experience, high academic level and strong research ability.
     AHPU consists of 11 departments including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Textile Engineering and Clothing Design, Bio-chemical Engineering, Art and Design, Computer Science and Engineering, Management Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Physics, Humanities and Social Science, Foreign Languages, and Physical Education. Its disciplines cover Engineering, Science, Social Science, Management, Economics, Law, etc. with 41 undergraduate programmes offered. AHPU is authorized by State Council to confer MS degrees in 2 major disciplines and 21 sub-disciplines. Among these disciplines, the following 6 are ranked as provincial key disciplines: Detecting Technology and Instrument, Science of Art Design, Textile Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Fermentation Engineering and Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation. In addition, the university has 1 state-level Innovation Service Center for the Textile Industry, 5 provincial key laboratories, and some high-level research centers and research platforms for public services at provincial level. These centers and platforms are: the Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Science---the Research Center for Art Design, the Technology & Research Center for Textile Engineering, the Technology & Research Center for Microbial Fermentation Engineering, and 2 Technology Public Service Platforms for the Textile Industry and  for Bio-products and Foodstuff Inspecting & Testing and Standardization as well. There are also 3 Provincial Demonstration Centers for Experiment Teaching of Basic Courses (Electricity and Electronics, College Physics, and Chemistry for Science Students), and 3 Provincial Teaching-reform Demonstration Programs in Automation ( Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation, Biological Engineering), 1 Modern Analysis Center, and 1 Engineering R & D and Training Center. The Automation, Mechanical Design
Automation together with Art Design have been listed for National Featured Specialty Construction. Moreover, AHPU has some publications of its owns such as the “Journal of AHPU” and the “AHPU Newsletters”. The “Journal of AHPU” has been selected as a collection source journal on the lists of America’s “Chemistry Digest” and Russia’s “Digest Magazine”.
     AHPU, with a definite educational guideline, adheres to the socialist orientation and the implementation of “the scientific outlook on development in its work. It places high priority on teaching quality, human resources, characteristics and campus harmony, therefore it is vigorous in reform and innovation in order to cultivate qualified talents for socialistic modernization. In recent years, AHPU has exerted great efforts to make its education and research well related to the needs of regional economies and offer services to society and enterprises.
     AHPU aims at cultivating high-standard and application-oriented specialized talents well developed in morality, intelligence and physique, and with high integrity, good foundation, practical ability, comprehensive quality and creativity. Moreover, it persists in its own “3Bs”educational concepts, namely: be honest in character, be earnest in work and be diligent in study. For many years, AHPU students have won many top prizes in national contests like “Math-modeling Contest”,  “Challenge Cup Scientific Devices Making Contest”, Electronic Design Contest” and Mechanic Design and Innovation Contest”.  Art majors have also had remarkable achievements in many Art and Design Contests and Fashion Design Contests at both domestic and international levels. Apart from that, graduates from AHPU have gained recognition for their strong practical ability and creative strength from various enterprises, companies, institutions and the like. The employment rate of undergraduates upon graduation has been 92.5%, ranking high among provincial universities of its kind for many years. AHPU has produced more than 30,000 graduates since its foundation.
     AHPU attaches great importance to scientific research and has made enormous achievements. There are over 3000 papers published in influential academic journals at home and abroad, among which, about 300 have been entered into SCI, EI and ISTP, the most authoritative scientific research paper indexes in the world. Over 100 prizes of various kinds have also been awarded to AHPU and 34 of them are at or above ministerial level. In terms of research projects, 50 are of Ministry of Education or at the state level and 400 other projects at provincial or ministerial level. Furthermore, the university is very active in expanding its international exchanges and communication and has established cooperative relations with some renowned foreign universities. The cooperations range from enrolling international students, inviting overseas professors or experts for academic activities to sending teachers abroad for further study or as visiting scholars etc.
     Highly praised in a variety of work by educational authorities and the public alike, AHPU has achieved numerous honors, which are listed below: “Progressive University of CPC Construction & Political and Ideological Education” awarded by Anhui CPC Committee, “Provincial Progressive Group of Talents Affairs” granted by Anhui CPC Committee and the provincial government in 2004, “Anhui Graduates Employment Model University” from 2005 to 2007, “National Progressive Group of the Security and Environment Promotion on and around Campus” in 2005, “Excellence” in Anhui Colleges’ Political and Ideological Assessment in 2006, “Anhui Excellent College Faculty Home” and “ Anhui Model College Faculty Home” in 2006, “Anhui Provincial Garden University” and  the 3rd prize of Excellent Achievement in College Campus Culture Construction Nationwide in 2007, “Anhui Model Collective” in 2008. Besides, the university has been awarded such honorary titles as “Provincial Model University of CYL (Communist Youth League) Construction”, “National Progressive Group of Social Practice of College Students’ Going to the Countryside Program (a program to offer literacy & agricultural knowledge and medical services to the rural communities) ”, etc.
     Today, AHPU is striving towards its goal of building a distinctive, competitive and multi-disciplinary university, with an emphasis on Engineering whilst continuing the balanced development of Engineering, Science, Art, Management, Economics and Law.